Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Poem by Anita Magdalena...



I want to taste the life that runs in you
Touch your soul and journey through
Soothe the wanting ache inside
Sink down slow and gently glide
Build the passion kiss your skin
Cover you in my sensual sin
Whisper softly as you feel my heat
Pounding hearts as they now meet
Pressed upon your every desire
Gaze at you with wanting fire
Tongues entwined as bodies meld
Wrapped up in lust rapture held
Journey on all through the night
Exhausted rest in the morning light
Weak yet untired I lay over you
Eyes closed softly warmth runs through
Heartbeat soothing against my face
My body your fingers gently trace
Silence abound just you and I
Calming moments a pleasure sigh
Drift in and out of tranquility
lost in a time of you and me
Sleep awaits. take us to the dream
reflecting moments of what has been
Let all go let all slide
lost forever in the turning tide
Breathe in heavy breathe out slow
A time a place an endless flow.




Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Hi Anita,

You left me a nice comment on my piece titled "The Surging" so I thought I'd check out your blog - which turned out to be blogs, plural.

Rather than commenting all over the place, I thought I'd start with a single, more general comment.

I like how you've divided them up into dark poetry, sensual poetry, love poetry, etc.

I read a few in each blog, just to get a taste of each style, and I like what I've read so far.

When I have time, I'll go back through your 'archives' and read the rest. In the mean time, I've added all four of your blogs to my Follow list.

I think you'll find the poetry groups here on Blogger are a supportive bunch and just generally nice people.

I'm glad you've joined in the fun. :)

- Eric 'Bubba' Alder

Aquarius63 said...

Thank you Eric for taking the time, much appreciated, I do follow blogs, but for some reason they don't show on my profile. :(


Brian Miller said...

the tongues entwined, fingers tracing, laying over...very sensual piece...i like the warmth it gives me...

Claudia said...

lost forever in the turning can easily get lost in love...sensual and warm write anita

Jannie Funster said...

Ahhhh, so lovely.

Love is so so strong. Now that's an understatement!

So great to met you via One Stop.

Anonymous said...

I was ensnared into the web of your pages and read several poems today. First, I really like the untitled head of the miscellaneous page: “the river sparkles in the sun like diamonds” and the artwork that goes with it.

Somehow I tied that with the poem ‘Reflection of Pain’:

Where the heart bled
the river of never ending sorrow
dried and cracked then turned to stone

Another favorite I picked is
‘There lays a Jewel’:

Open minds
where spirits fly
Growing as the
time goes by
Catch my breath
breathe me in
Sweep us into
sensual sin

Very catchy and the expression of freedom in this one is wonderful.

From ‘Darkness’ I really liked ‘The Wait’

I long to take away your pain
Empty eyes in a shell remain
There is nothing that I can do
Just to watch and await the death of you.

I didn’t really see this as dark so much as ‘real’…but it is a very good description of what it is like to wait.

And now, to ‘Yearning’…

“Whisper softly as you feel my heat
Pounding hearts as they now meet
Pressed upon your every desire
Gaze at you with wanting fire”

What can be said, except this is sizzling. Great use of words in all your poems. I'll be back to read more!

Aquarius63 said...

Thank you all.


Aquarius63 said...

Thank you Tolbert for taking the time to read through my blogs and explaining your favorites, it means a lot.