Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Sunday, 3 June 2012

She Calls

This picture is not my work, artist unknown.

Poem Written By Anita Magdalena......

Magdalena Calls

"Come to me" 

Magdalena calls as her words caress 
reaching his thoughts in a breathless tone 

"Come to me my lover I'm calling you 
while laying here I'm all alone"   

He feels her in finger tip touch's ever moving 
as her mouth embraces the length that awaits 
Gliding in back and forth strokes of passion 
tongue teasing temptation that lifts and elates 

Ghostly the vision that shimmers in view 
a lipstick red trail where kisses have been 
released from her mouth his solid delight 
she moves up his body and into his dream 

Tongue licks abound on nipples so proud 
hot breath and bites to heighten and thrill 
bone against bone massaging the moment 
while making him ready to enter and fill 

Lifting her hips and hovering there 
she looks in his eyes with a wicked smile 
drops down hard before he could know 
he lets out a gasp as she rides him with style 

OMG passion blazes in fires of 
licking flames and treasures so rare 
pale breasts that dance upon his cries 
as she moves ever faster nearly there 

A grip of her hips helping the thrust 
moving on waves high as they fly 
pounding and grinding as ecstasy hits 
together in climax they reach for the sky 

Magdalena calls her words that caress 
reaches his thoughts where visions bloom 
he opens his eyes to find only dreams 
is what he shared here alone in his room. 






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