Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Swallowing Want

I want to be the sound on your lips 
every time you begin to speak 
wavering over your tongue 
in a has to be thought about way 
in case you slip up in the wrong company 
swallowing what you shouldn't have said 
taking me all of the way back to your heart 
where I beat steady and in a soothing way 
like the sway of branches on a cool summers eve 
and I'm under your skin seeping out of your pores 
a balm that I massage into and all over you 
like sighs from deep within carelessly escaping 
that I catch in my searching mouth swallowing 
taking you deep inside of me like fresh air 
and new feeling that licks at my hungry nature 
begging me to walk through every corridor 
that lays within your aching burning desire 
so I finger step my way across your trembling need 
down your veined muscle like feather strokes 
teasing you in a beg for mercy kind of way 
and I bury your gasps between my pale thighs 
giving you reason for your breathless rush 
where my hips swing slow and methodical 
the cries in my throat falling from my mouth 
because I want to meet your eyes in that moment 

Every Intention

Held against your lips 

my thighs 
cradled across your smile 
kissed deep between parted folds 
your sweet tooth fascination 
paving its way into my openness 
like every sugary delight 
I tingle on your taste buds 
in rivers of your most 
favourite beverage 
I shudder with breathless cravings 
dripping liquid candy 
feeding your addiction 
grinding down onto your desperation 
and my need to get you deeper 
I am weakness in your hands 
feeling boneless 
as you take me to the edge 
and hold me there 

lifting me off the hammock 
of your support 
where I rocked while crying 
out for release 
you turn me like dreams on a spindle 
weave me onto the fabric 
of your steel bound intentions 
threading me with slow moves 
teasing my burning flesh 
with intermittent relief 
and I beg for you 
licking my lips as you plunge 
to the hilt of my detonation 
my sulfur mix seeping 
I am alight 
my fire traveling your thrust 
moving hard and fast 
like thunder pounding my mind 
I can feel the vibration 
of the growl building in your throat 

storms break loose from our 
colliding bodies 
the explosion hits with intensity 
shaking the very foundations 
of our connection 
trying to hold onto the ride 
never wanting it to end 
like roller-coasting 
through every tidal wave 
and lightening strike 
I hit climatic euphoria 
as you cum in mutual bonding 
adrenalin spent 
we fall together back to earth