Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Phenomenon (Soundtrack by Enigma "Smell Of Desire")

This is my poem "Phenomenon"  written and read by me.  The video is also created by me.


Mind upon mind contortion

sliding between electrical waves 
imaginations brewery   
intoxicating syllables slip from lips 
and his tongue feels like 'hunger' 
plays the flesh with 
animating every sleeping s e n s i t i v i t y 
bind me with strokes of resourcefulness 
everything feels in deepest reach evocation 
his force is supernatural 
and his ghost sinks into my wide open conscious 
elicitation climbs my spine 
inducting electrical phenomenon 
setting me on fire 
possessed verbal falls with each sting 
that connects palm to pink skin begging 
plunging thick rigidness into swollen slickness 
bending the curves of every impossible reason 
the punch that takes me ~out of body~ 
I bruise to his requirement 
he fucks me to the edge of death 
I gasp for every breath 
and he fills me with new life 

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