Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Succulent Sensations (Soundtrack by Enigma "Touchness")

This is my poem "Succulent Sensations"  written and read by me.  The video is also created by me.

Scroll your passion
across my wanton lips   
unkempt hair   
from finger exploration   
cascading curls tickle   
your exposed skin 
cream silken softness   
for you to roam   
under my red satin   
Temptations that cling   
have every part   
of my willing form   
you envelope me in   
the weight of your   
we negotiate positions   
until bone connects bone     
tailor our grinding together   
to a rhythmic beat     
Stir my soul with deep   
penetrating emotions   
easing yourself into   
my pink flowery folds   
nectar flows with every stroke   
of your hard steel movements   
sinking into marshmallow heaven   
attention paid to every   
sweet seductive pleasure   
tasting the divine longing   
that has held us captive   
igniting every spark   
smouldering deep within   
opening every door for you   
to release your essence     
needing ultimate fulfillment   
to realise our dreams   
soak me in your love   
and become part of me   
insert your heart   
into my hungry mouth 
nails softly claw   
the cheeks I hold on to   
Cravings have me   
satisfying you whole   
reaching the realms   
of no return     
yearning to quench my thirst   
you let go   
soothing my parched lips   
and entering within   
talking in sighs of pleasure   
and beating hearts   
arching into me   
your body quivers     
laying me down   
you draw fingertip circles   
on my skin   
dancing breaths 
catch my cheek 
you reach to cup 
my face in your hands   
open eyes in a 
lingering passionate kiss   
peeling away any walls 
that long held me   
mesmerizing connections   
spark between us   
orgasm prolongs   
our indulgence     
more is always   
on the menu we serve   
every possible maneuver   
never losing the appetite   
that drives us   
towards the possibilities   
that make us   
strong enough to get past   
every obstacle ahead 

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